AS57965 Peering Policy

General Peering Details  
ASN 57965
Max Prefix IPv4 2
Max Prefix IPv6 2
Peering Policy Open (for both IPv4 & IPv6)
Public Peering Locations LU-CIX
Peering Contact
NOC Contact
  • The destination address of any traffic you send to us must be contained within a route that we currently BGP advertise to you.

  • The source address of any traffic you send to us must be contained within a route you currently BGP advertise to us.

  • You agree to respond promptly to communications and work cooperatively to resolve security, stability, and abuse incidents in a timely manner.

  • You agree to BGP advertise only routes to prefixes delegated to you and your customers/peers by a Regional Internet Registry.

  • You agree to not engage in abusive or fraudulent practices, such as pointing default, rewriting next-hop, or failing to implement BCP-38 filtering.

INFOBOX about ICRC and Delegation for Cyberspace
Established in 1863, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is a humanitarian, impartial, independent, and neutral Organization based in Geneva and mandated under international law to protect and assist populations affected by armed conflict and other situations of violence. As the founder of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, it is recognized as one of the most experienced and established humanitarian Organizations in the world. The ICRC employs over 21,000 people in more than 100 countries and is funded mainly by voluntary donations from governments and from national Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. For more information, please visit
With the aim to explore and engage in technological, policy, and legal efforts to prevent and mitigate digitally-enabled harm and to safeguard humanitarian threats, the ICRC has established the Delegation for Cyberspace in Luxembourg. In particular, the Delegation’s role is to research and develop digital tools and processes for protecting and safeguarding the people assisted by the Organization as well as its staff. For this reason, the Delegation is developing and operating a research platform datacenter and communications infrastructure.
In this context, the Delegation is willing to cooperate with the community as a whole, especially with open-source developers (FOSS) and data transport/interconnection providers. The Delegation will cooperate adopting an open peering policy, meaning that it will openly interconnect with any other network that operates in a manner which is responsible and in accordance with the generally recognized best practices of the community. In particular, the Delegation, as is the case for the ICRC, operates in a humanitarian, impartial, neutral, and independent manner – as proscribed by its Fundamental Principles. The Delegation expects that the entities and peers with which it enters into cooperation respect its data and working modalities accordingly.
Note: ICRC autonomous network AS57965 is not transporting any commercial data nor is used for humanitarian actions in field operations. AS57965 is a research network only.
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